Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Most of my students who suffer from procrastination tell me that it is a constant pain to be remembering what they need to do to execute their tasks.

Those people are excellent self-tortures; at the same time, they avoid doing a task to drink another pint, watch another TV series, spend most of the time with a little shade of anxiety as their mind keeps remembering what they proposed to do and avoid.

In general, procrastination has those 3 most common “seeds”:

  1. Fear of making things wrong shows an exacerbated self-criticism.

  2. Fear that things will change and the future is unknown chartered territory.

  3. There are other implicants here that you may need to dig deeper to find out...

Some ideas to consider...

The tool that shows better results is a small personal KPI spreadsheet table, if you would like to use my template, please write to me and I will send it to you.

You only need to look once per day, maybe once a week (if you have a good to-do list), and define your priorities for the day/week.

People with this problem tend to rely on willpower, which often does not work. Unfortunately, this succession of failures tends to aggravate the situation and lower the person’s self-esteem deeper and deeper.

Another possible way to correct this problem is holding yourself accountable to a friend or a relative that is also trying to surpass a similar situation.

I hope this little article can help you. However, you may feel free to contact Gustavo for a complimentary call to discuss some other ideas with him; click here to book.

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