Caffeine and Anxiety. Is it any connection?

One thing that still impresses me is why highly stressed people (most of my students, for example) tend to abuse caffeine according to their stress levels, enormously enlarging their possibilities of entering a vicious circle which is really hard to get out of?

They even ask whether they can die from an overdose of caffeine. Well, it is a really rare thing, but there are cases of people who abused “energy” drinks really excessively who put themselves in real trouble.

As we all know, light doses of caffeine tend to have a beneficial effect on us, with a good number of studies talking favourably regarding coffee or tea.


If you are on this path and find it hard to stop, look for professional help as caffeine leads to stress and anxiety, which will make you look for more caffeine….


The fire brigade is trying to stop the flames in a beautiful family house where people are outside seeing their most valuable things getting burned, pictures, clothes, memories, photos, travel souvenirs, books, valuable furniture from heritage passed down the generations.

Suddenly, to the surprise of everyone, the owner of the house, not in his best shape of mind and emotions, gets a gallon of gasoline and throws it on the flames.

Then he complains about the whole situation, he asks why the flames re-engage with even more power.

With all the humbleness and sense of mission in the world, the fire brigade goes back and restart their efforts to stop that inferno!

This story doesn’t make much sense, right? Well, let me replace some characters here, and we will see if we don’t fit into this:

The house is your body.

The pictures, memories, photos, travel souvenirs are your memories.

The books are the knowledge and expertise that you have acquired in your life.

The furniture is the muscles, the health strength that you achieved with sports and exercise that you did in the past.

The owner of the house is you.

The fire brigade is your filtering system (liver) that we all have inside that tries to eliminate caffeine (as the body sees this as an intoxicating element as it is an alkaloid).

The flames are the stress and anxiety that are consuming you (literally).

And obviously, the gasoline is the caffeine that you consume (they even rhyme :)

See you soon. Let’s talk about what you can do to help yourself in my next posts. I will be grateful for your likes and for following me.

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