Are you stuck? in fear?

Have you been burnt out before and now truly believe you can´t manage?

Have you lost sight of what do you want?

Well, I have been there, a few times in my life, and the fact is that I only got out when I decided to get my head out of my ass and start acting.

But believe me, you need to act, alongside some guidance. Think with me, if you are lost in the woods, would you use your “intuition?” Your “sense of direction?”

Why not use the GPS you have on your mobile phone in your pocket? If you refuse to look at it because you don´t need help, you think you know more! This isn’t the case, we all need new direction, a GPS to advise us.

Life is all about acting, that’s for sure, but acting with a sense of purpose and direction, it is about moving in the direction that we think seems impossible. the more we face our fears and move on to something better, the more freedom we feel.

Who doesn’t like freedom? Who enjoys feeling trapped and jailed by our minds and thoughts?

How can you be so sure that you know more about my life than me?

I certainly don´t. But I know how to guide people to success. I know how to ask the correct questions, encourage the right response.

I have done this throughout my work in the past, and I know I am able to do just the same for you.

What do people who are in this situation normally do to “ease the stress” of knowing that you are wasting time?

· Overeat.

· Overdrink.

· Drugs.

· Watch porn obsessively.

· Junk food.

· Watch YouTube videos of how getting unstuck.

· Buy more courses and seminars DIY.

· Look for easy solutions, lottery, betting…

· Spend hours in social media and other wasting time activities.

· Fight with friends and relatives who are trying to open your eyes.

· Pray to God help you (if you don´t, why God would?)

· This list isn’t exhaustive!

Do I need to be stuck with in therapy with you for years and years?

First, I am no therapist, but a coach, and going back to the analogy of being lost in the woods, now picture those 2 scenarios:

1. Do you need someone to guide you out of the woods and as soon as you see the road, you see your home and recognize the place and can walk back home by yourself?

2. Or do you need someone to get you by the hand and make all the trajectory with you?

I would risk saying that almost all of us would choose the former, rarely in my career have I had people looking for the latter option. However, there is nothing wrong with that, in my line of work I’ve discovered that people are different and have different needs.

Now, if you identify yourself with what is described here, why don´t you act[1]? I would love to talk and understand how can I help you get out of the woods.

[1] In case you didn´t notice, have you seen how many times the word acting has been intentionally used on this text? Think about.

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