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My name is Gustavo, I am a Brazilian lifestyle and stress management coach, with a passion for helping people. I have been working in this field for over 27 years.

I work alongside professionals in distress and confusion, to help redirect their time and energy towards a more empowered, focused, and healthier lifestyle! I love my work, Amongst my work, I enjoy other passions, having an affinity for dogs, horses, farms and cars!

About Me


Helping people change is hard work, but is worth every second we spend together to produce positive change.

Bringing out the best of each one of us is a very rewarding job, helping people start to believe they can, encouraging them start to act differently than their norm, to see their eyes shining when they realise the potential has always been within them!

My satisfaction comes from seeing my clients with a healthy pride about themselves, and the person they are seeing flourish in the mirror looking back at them.

Demonstrating that newfound radiance to family and close friends is fantastic, and shows me a solidification of the work we do, subconsciously implementing techniques and knowledge into their lives.

How we do that?

1. Establishing new paradigms and a new self-image will do most of the job!

Acting in a coordinated and assiduous way, to create the desired outcome and whilst giving the reassurance that you can!

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“Almost everyone is living a life behind their potential.”

This is a cliché. But ask yourself, are you happy with your life? Are you happy with the parts of your life you can control? Are there aspects that get away from you, and you struggle to understand why?

This is why I’m here. To unlock that potential which resides inside every human. It’s been my life’s mission for 27 years, and isn’t changing now.