Scope of Work

Who is Gustavo and what do you get?


My name is Gustavo, I am a Brazilian who is passionate about helping people. I have been working in this field for over 27 years. I also have a weakness for dogs, horses, farms, and cars.


I lead professionals in distress and confusion, and help to  redirect towards a more focused, healthier, and empowered lifestyle!

I started by teaching a philosophy of life that is designed to make people improve their self-awareness, but soon I realized I was drying ice in summer.

We can only create different lives for people when we can lead them to change paradigms that will change action and lead to new realities,  new beliefs.

Almost everyone is living a life behind their potential.

This is a cliché, so I don’tblame you for thinking that I am trying to impress you with something that looks unreachable, however, if I ask you: are you happy with your life in the areas that you control? Your work, relationship, financial life, family life etc…

Helping people change is hard work, but it is worth every second we spend together to produce those changes.
Bringing out the best of each one of us is a very rewarding job, making people starting to believe they can, making them start to act differently than they are used to and seeing their eyes shining.  


My satisfaction comes from seeing my clients with a healthy pride about themselves, and who they are becoming,  is lovely.
Demonstrating that newfound radiance to family and close friends is fantastic, and often means solidification of work.


1.    Strength + Flexibility + Breathing + Meditation.
Being the vehicle of the consciousness, if your body is malfunctioning, the chances of you reaching success are lower.

2.    Developing sharp and logical thinking, stimulating intuition and creativity as well, challenging you to create and settle new paradigms .

People struggle to recognise how much your body affects your behaviour. They seem to think that your body is a completely separate machine from the way you think and feel. But whatever happens to the body, impacts the personality of the individual and vice-versa.

Understanding this connection is the first step, that if your body does not work well, it will certainly, sooner or later, undermine your performance in mind or emotion.

I know  that I can help you to do better, much better in most sectors of life. How can I be so sure of that?

•    It is simple, even, this sounds ridiculous,  if I ask you to place your fingers right in front of your nose, they will seem blurry and impossible for you to see it. It is the same with your life, your dilemmas and dramas, someone looking from the outside can see that those are your 5 fingers right in front of your eyes and yet you can’t see it.
It is too close.

•    My experience of 27 years tells me that in most cases, I can transform your reality  by helping you to see where you are stepping into the pothole,  gently guiding  you to choose a path that will lead you to the desired outcome.

•    I’ve already made a lot of mistakes in life, after 2 marriages (until I finally understood how to achieve a solid relationship), some failed business experiences, a lot of contact with people making all sorts of trials, techniques, ideas and 1000s of hours with therapists, coaches, teachers, masters and you name it; gave me a reasonable understanding of how humans work and how to achieve what we want.

I ground all my work in an ancient philosophy of life, where there is a theoretical and behavioural system that gives us basic guidance on how to approach life through all of our senses.


The answer is here when you are ready. As simple as that.

There will be one day that you will say: enough is enough, I can’t take more of this situation (unsuccessful marriage, business, work, body, bad health, you name it).

That will be the “D” day, it will be the day that you are committed to change and you won't measure efforts to achieve what you want. Before that, if you still wondering that if you should put effort into something, it means that you are not ready.

When you are ready you know you are ready. It is like asking if you love someone, you do not need proof of that, you just know for sure and have no doubts about it.


If you are in London, face to face, otherwise anywhere, we just need some privacy, comfort, internet, and a device. 

Love is wise, hatred is foolish

Bertrand Russel

When you are studying any matter, or considering any philosophy, ask yourself only what are the facts and what is the truth that the facts bear out.

Never let yourself be diverted, either by what you wish to believe or by what you think would have beneficent social effects if it were believed. But look only, and solely, at what are the facts.

Best way to spend time:

Reading at the fireplace, drinking mate, travelling, and learning are some of my best ways to relax.

How long it takes?

This is proportional to your willingness to change and how much effort do you want to put into this journey. On average you start to see consistent results before e months.

Why there is no formula or steps?

Because we all face different challenges. Your problems might be like some people, however, the paradigms and principles that lead you to them, are in essence, unique.


Interesting facts about Gustavo

Having had the luck of growing up on a farm, I became a fervorous  defender of animals and nature, but not the one that are shown on TV, we need to live in the reality, not on any dreamland bureaucrats’ fantasies or newspaper and television.


But my soft spots are for horses and rough collies. I feel more comfortable in the fields than in cities, and far more comfortable in places with fewer people around.

Polite and unobtrusive people   who do not lack spontaneity are my favourite type of people. 

I love art, old fashioned art, as I struggle to ‘get’ modern art sometimes.

My whole family came from Europe to Brazil, about 100 years ago, I guess running away from hunger, war, and poverty, they made a good life there , but I feel more at home here.

British rock is my favourite, but Pink Floyd, David Bowie and Duran Duran are on the spot!

Family and friends come first, they are particularly important to me, despite being far from some of them, I’ve never lost the connection, and never will!

On the dark side of the moon… I can sometimes be a little obsessed with perfection, making me feel as though I never know enough and slow me moving forward.


This issue is much better, particularly since I started to coach people and have seen (from looking at people with their fingers in front of their face) how many days and years of life are lost because of this pointless madness