4 Step System


The Quickest Way to Results

Starting with the body is the fastest way to relieve pain, and free yourself from negative patterns that hold you back.

After bringing out the inner confidence to look and feel great physically, it is far easier to create the long-term mental and emotional change you need to succeed.


To Release Stress And Activate Power

Once the body is pain-free, flexible, and strong, we can then work together to utilise the full power of breathing, to keep you calm and maximize your energy levels.

​Once you access and understand how powerful breathing can be, you will enhance your focus, increase productivity, and be able to feel completely content, even in the most stressful of situations.


Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

We can now work together to truly transform your mindset so that your negative patterns dissolve and you have the tools you need to truly transform your life, by developing, discussing and implementing positive changes to reinforce your mindset.


Last but not least - The intuitional

Most people call this intuition, or colloquially, ‘trusting your gut’. What matters is that intuition, this fine perception that world and industry leaders develop, is a powerful tool. It is not guided by apparent logic or anything that we actively understand.


We develop your own inward intuition, to understand your purpose, redirect your focus, and develop yourself into the leader you’d like to be. Who would believe in Ford, Carrier, Otis, Marconi, Faraday, Semmelweis, or Linus Pauling when they proposed radical changes? They did so, by thinking and doing things differently, and innovatively


What may bring you here?

What affects most individuals is what I call THE VICIOUS CIRCLE:

These are the most common, most problematic aspects of lives in the modern world. We can see one problem feeding another, until everything seems to spiral out of control!




The unsuccessful relationship 

If you feel that you are in a relationship rat race, that might be a good time to review and start from scratch. We tend to put the problems of our actual relationships on a pedestal, but experience tells us that the focus must be on ourselves and not on others.

Self-Sabotage or impostor syndrome

A classic problem between successful people who have this pattern: some periods of life all go extremely well, in some others they crash completely in some or all areas.

Instability in business or work relationships

Here we can find people who are highly creative and rather impulsive, however, they struggle to maintain stability in relationships, keep their word on promises and change direction too often, most of the time disregarding data or analysis in cold blood.

If this is you’re the case, I urge you to contact me as it is likely that you have everything you need to be successful but discipline, and that is the easiest piece of the puzzle to solve. 

Low self-esteem and bad self-image

Those who are facing these problems may feel that this might be one of the hardest tasks ahead of them.

It is not an easy fix, nor a quick change, but once you overcome this, your life will likely be in much calmer waters.

Paradigm Paralysis

Common between people who reach their 40s/50s, though sometimes even with younger people, this is easy to solve as long as the person is willing to accept the new facts and reality of life. There is a need to work towards change, together, whether that be in their job, relationships, or through further study.

Fear of success 

If you find yourself in a position of refusing better jobs, saying no to well-paid positions or happier relationships because you fear (and fantasise) that it is better to be safe than taking risks. The notion that life is already “too generous” to you, and that you certainly don’t want to bite the hand that feeds you, is more common than you might believe, and is one of my specialties.


Most of the time, this requires an easy and quick solution. Through coaching exercises, your brain can learn that it is worth taking some daring risks in life, and that it is unlikely you will go backwards.

Deniers Deniers Deniers

Similar to paradigm paralysis, people in this situation are likely to be reading this website, coerced by a loved one. This is the person who refuses to see why their business/job never work, that they have been overeating and over drinking, or overworking.


They deny love for themselves, and often to those who love them. The floor is crumbling under their feet (they seem to have Pollyanna eyes!) and yet they are still playing, pretending all is OK.


I dare to say that the treatment for these people is just… opening their eyes and facing the harsh reality of life as it is.

Struggles with Visualisation

Some people will have trouble picturing themselves navigating in anything other than charted waters. Their life may have been a storm for so long they no longer recognise where they are, or are afraid to change path – it isn’t real, feasible or achievable.


All systems are wired to expect, create and foresee trouble, as much as these people hate and struggle with this reality, they genuinely believe that reality is this way, that they are victims, not the creators, shapers and masters of all this chaos. Changing this requires time and effort, but we can build a fantastic day-by-day by establishing new routines and new understanding.